Your Appointment with Hearing4Kids

What Will Happen During Your Appointment

Firstly, Hearing4Kids appointments are thorough and detailed assessments. As such this will take about an hour. So, it’s not a quick ENT appointment.

To start with, your concerns will be listened to. Be prepared to share a full history of your concerns and to explore specific areas in detail. Additional information will be taken, as required.

Then Sebastian will assess the function of hearing and/or balance.  Various test methods may be used to allow a safe and complete assessment.

He’ll discuss the results and possible management options with you.

If the cooperation of your child enables us to complete the tests you will be able to go away with a clear plan.

What Won't Happen

There are several things that Hearing4Kids do not do:

  1. Offer a rushed appointment to see as many children as possible, to maximise income.
  2. Do unnecessary tests that would not also be done in Sebastian’s NHS practice (time permitting).
  3. Arrange an unnecessary follow-up appointment for further tests to have a second consultation.

After the Appointment

When you leave the clinic, you should have a clear understanding of what’s been done, what the problem is and what could be done about it in the future.

Most private UK health insurance companies will cover the fees for the tests. Please check with them, including a discussion about which hospital you would like to be seen at.

Dr Hendricks is registered with insurance companies, but his fee is sometimes not fully covered as their calculations are based on much shorter appointments. We prefer you to have as much done in a single appointment as possible. Dr Hendricks’ fee is £350 for the first appointment which lasts about an hour.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the quality of our service, please contact Hearing4Kids without delay.

Make an Appointment

Please complete the form below. It asks you to provide details of your child’s medical history as well as which times and locations work best for you.