We do believe in thorough and detailed assessments and this takes about an hour. So this is not a quick ENT appointment.

Firstly we listen to the history of your concerns, explore any areas of concernin detail and take additional information as required.
Then we assess the function of hearing and/or balance using  various test methods that allow a safe and complete assessment.
We discuss the results and possible management options with you.
If the cooperation of your child enables us to complete the tests you will be able to go away with a clear plan.

What we will not  do:
  • Offer a rushed appointment to see as many children as possible to maximise our income
  • Do unnecessary tests that we would not also do in our NHS practice (time permitting)
  • Arrange an unnecessary follow-up appointment for further tests to have a second consultation

We would like you to leave us with a clear understanding of what we have done, what the problem is and what could be done about it.

Most private UK health insurance companies will cover our fees.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the quality of our service, please contact us on Tel 07941 - 21879507941 - 218795  or email